Wedding Services

We are ordained ministers and perform nondenominational ceremonies anywhere, anytime. We will assist you in drafting your ceremony and vows for that perfect wedding ceremony. We have a variety of specialized services to celebrate the joining of two people through their commitment to each other and to God. We have just what need to make your wedding truly memorable. We can tailor any of the following types of ceremonies to fit your desires. We do:

  • Simple Ceremonies
  • Traditional Ceremonies
  • Contemporary Ceremonies
  • Family Ceremonies

Memorial Service

The ministers at Ministerial and Pastoral Care Services specialize in Celebration of Life services and honor the memory and life of those who have moved on in their spiritual journey of life.


We at Ministerial and Pastoral Care Services officiate at Christenings. We would be honored to be a part of blessing and dedicating your child.

Home and Office Blessings

Blessing Types Home / Office Bringing abundance and blessings to the home has been a tradition of many different religions since the beginning of time. Blessing one’s own home has become so popular that is has expanded to the office. Blessing literally means beatitude or to send God. It gives the very idea that a blessing is a thing of goodness, happiness, or to sending positive energy. Blessings can also be looked at as drawing in abundance, protecting households, encouraging the gifts and talents in those households as well as the protection of a member’s health. Basically what lies behind the idea of blessings is a belief in things seen and unseen. Many traditions go about a house or office to cleanse and drive away any form of negativity. We offer this service to bless your home or office to clear any negativity, set a positive and spiritual atmosphere and to begin over again. In essence, a home or office blessing releases the past and allows all to move forward from a positive and loving place. If you would like to schedule a home or office blessing, please email us at We will provide you with more information about the service and honorariums.

Vow Renewals

There are a myriad of examples of Vow Renewal Ceremonies that we can officiate.  Of course, you can design a special blessing on your own and include whatever rituals you desire. We look forward to working with you.

Ministerial and Pastoral Care Services

Services We Offer

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The Taize service was conceived in the 1940’s during the Second World War to provide a place of safety and sheltering for refugees fleeing the war. People from all walks of life and all faiths and cultures were welcomed in Taize, France. The tradition continues to this day throughout the world blessing every person who feels the need for safety and connection. The Taize consists of an hour of music, meditation, prayer, chants, candle lighting and inspirational readings.

Pastoral Care

We maintain the High Watch while creating safe spaces; facilitating growth and wholeness through empowerment; renewing and enriching one’s relationships through faith in God. Serving the spiritual needs of our community, we are offering the service of a Chaplain. We will provide the following services on a love-offering basis. Prayer Support: To submit a prayer request, click on the Prayer Request email link below.We will respond as quickly as possible. Submit Prayer Request Pastoral Care · Visit wherever care can be expressed and help given: hospitals, nursing homes, funeral homes, family homes or hospice.

Small Group Ministry

Small groups, life groups, cell groups, Bible studies—whatever you wish to call them—are an important part of many churches and organizations. Some churches wrap their entire identity and infrastructure around their small groups ministry. Others depend on small groups for growth. There is a growing trend that even uses an expanded small group model as a church-planting tool. But, what should be the purpose of a small group ministry? Ministerial and Pastoral Care Services highlight three areas that make a strong foundation to any small group: spiritual growth, learning, and serving.